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Most people will want to lose weight at some time in their lives.  I spent over twenty years in the army as a physical training instructor and whilst I was always fit I admit I always carried a few extra kilos.  

I followed numerous diets at various stages of my life but at the age of 46 in finally cracked the secrets to success.  And do you know the amazing thing?  Success cost nothing - not a single penny.  In fact it saved me money.

Secret One

There is a HUGE world market for diet products.  

In 2017 it was worth in the region of $170 Billion.

You can buy ready meals, health and vitamin shakes, healthy snack bars, diet meals - the list goes on.

The secret is that actually the big health/diet companies don't want you to succeed.  


Because YOU make them money by FAILING

To succeed you need to know more about food and nutrition and MAKE YOUR OWN meals.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are better for you, taste better and cost less than the ready made options.  

If you know nothing about diet and nutrition you can do a free course on food and nutrition online.  

Follow this link for your free course

Secret Two

How many books do you have on diets or fitness?  Or DVDs?

I counted and I have 8 books on diets or cooking and 5 on fitness.  If I paid full price for all these books they would cost over £200.

How many books have I read from cover to cover? NONE

Did any help to make me healthy or slim or fit? NO

Result = 1 overweight guy who wasted £200.

ALL the information you need can be found online FREE

Secret Two is SAVE your MONEY


Get your info online or join the library.

Secret Three

Men need 2500 calories a day and women need 2000


That is an average figure but it wont help you lose weight.

We all know - or should know - that if you want to lose weight the simplest way is to take on less calories than you actually need. To do that you have to do two things.

ONE - calculate how many calories YOU need.  Follow this link to calculate your BMR and use the Harris Benedict Equation (a formula that uses your BMR and then applies an activity factor to decide your daily calorie requirements).

BE HONEST about your activity - otherwise you wont know your exact daily calorie needs and you won't be successful.

TWO - get an App on your phone to record your daily food intake.  Writing things down is great but a decent App will tell you exactly what was in the food you eat from fat content to amount of calories.  EVERYTHING has to be put in to this because you won't be successful if you cheat.  A sneaky biscuit may have about 200 calories in and added to everything else you will soon hit your daily intake.  BE HONEST AND CAREFUL

Secret Three - is control your calories accurately.

Secret Four

How many people join the gym in January to get fit?  Estimates in the UK are that people wasted £560 Million on wasted or unused gym memberships in 2016.

That is roughly £10 per person - WASTED.

Although I was a PT instructor I HATE the gym.  People are normally using the kit you want to use which slows you up and stresses you out.  SOLUTION? Train at home.

Don't use a treadmill - they are crap and boring.  Run outside but STAY SAFE - join a Parkrun or running club and wear reflective kit at night.

If you login to YouTube you can follow umpteen free workouts you can do at home but if you would like to spend some money you cannot beat Beachbody On Demand

They have numerous workouts you can do from home - for all abilities for a small monthly subscription.

Secret Four - DO NOT JOIN THE GYM unless you enjoy it.  You will be wasting your money.  Spend your hard earned money on things you enjoy that keep you active.


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