Diet and Nutrition

Until very recently I felt that my diet was nothing to worry about - I pretty much ate what I wanted because I figured that if I trained hard it wouldn't matter.  Believe me I trained harder and harder but I ended up weighing 102kg.  When I discovered the AnyBodyHealthy diet I learnt fast that what you eat is critical if you want to live a healthy life and lose weight.  Clearly controlling calorie intake is very important but I took things a step further.  

Wake Up Call

In the early summer last year my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer - the prognosis was not good as the disease had spread to his bones.  Luckily - his treatment has gone really well and he looks great.  I think most people know somebody who has suffered from or died from cancer - it is an awful disease and it affects so many people.

Last week I found out about a doctor from Germany who has done some fascinating research in to cancer and the effect diet has on it.  Please take time to watch this video.

Dr Leonard Coldwell

This video really made me sit up and listen - until I saw this I always had vegans down as fruit cakes to be honest.  During the clip you will see a man called Paul Nison (visit his site here ).  What he has to say about the raw food diet is intriguing if nothing else.  I decided to look more at vegan food and think you will find the video by Goal Guys really interesting - it certainly explains what you need to know before you given veganism a bash.

Goal Guys

Please watch the video clip and the follow this link to calculate your own BMR -